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We are open with increased hygiene measures in place!

We continue to closely monitor the situation and will continue to provide our services with the following protocols in place

  • keeping back and front doors open

  • maintaining social distancing measures (not applicable for treatment sessions but applicable between patrons)

  • single use linen where required, otherwise use of bare treatment beds wiped down with antiseptic between patients

  • hand washing/hand sanitiser for every person entering the building, between patients for clinical staff and regularly for admin staff

  • frequent wiping down of surfaces such as bench tops, door handles, armrests, computer mice/keyboards, phones etc with antiseptic

  • not allowing anyone, visitors or staff to be present if unwell, or if qualifying for self isolation by law

  • Pilates classes are running with increased cleaning measures and social distancing in place

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Balance Health

Phillip Island

Physical Therapy
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Balance Health is Phillip Island's leading Allied Healthcare group based in Cowes. Balance Health is the evolution of Island Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates, and Phillip Island Osteopathy. Services expanded in 2020 to include Myotherapy, and Lactation Consulting in 2023 too provide greater availability of their friendly, professional services for the whole family.

Prioritising client's care is a part of the mission of Balance Health. Working in a team as colleagues, with other allied health practitioners, medical doctors and specialists, Balance Health Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Myotherapists are there to help achieve client goals, getting them back to what they love doing.

Balance Health Phillip Island is the creation of Kara Cassells, founder of Island Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates in 2009. Kara is passionate about creating a supportive workplace for her hardworking staff and is honured to serve the Phillip Island community


Balance Health collaborates with exceptional services

This directory is here to provide the Phillip Island community information about services we enjoy collaborating with at Balance Health Phillip Island. Our yoga directory showcases all classes in the region in one handy location and more listings to come!

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