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Christina Laws


In 22 years working as a physiotherapist Christina has experienced and treated a healthy array of sports injuries and contributed to the rehabilitation of many injuries. This includes being physiotherapist for AFL Sydney team throughout university days over 4 years.

Christina has additional certification of Advanced Principles of Sports Medicine part 1-3, which is an incredible asset to ensure rehabilitation and return to play success. Christina will use a broad range of treatment methods, beginning with education, manual therapy, soft tissue releases using muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisations to assist regaining full range of motion in joints and full strength in muscles.

Christina's speciality is examining the biomechanics of the pelvis first and foremost. Furthermore, looking at imbalances & mal-alignments of the spine and lower limbs, biomechanics of the feet that could, and do, contribute to the recovery of long term chronic conditions as well be the factor that hinder their full recovery.

In her spare time Christina is an open water swimmer and an adventure racer - which involves navigating your way through a terrain based course on foot, bike or kayak, with only a map & compass to guide you!

Christina Laws
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