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Jason Leonidas


With extensive experience in the field, Jason has worked with various football teams for 5-6 years in a variety of roles. He has also provided rehabilitation services to athletes from Swimming Australia, Athletics, and Basketball. His expertise extends to strength and conditioning, working with AFL/VFL, junior rugby 7s, and College Baseball athletes.

To enhance his skills, Jason has completed additional training, including Sportsmap upper and lower limb courses, lower limb taping for sports injuries, and holds a sports trainer and Strength and Conditioning accreditation.

When it comes to sports injury therapy and rehabilitation, Jason prefers a balanced approach. He combines hands-on work with assisted gym workouts, emphasizing cross-training and thorough fitness testing before athletes return to sport.
Jason’s focus lies in knee injuries, lower limb soft tissue injuries, ankle issues, and shoulder rehabilitation.

Furthermore, Jason has a special interest in Football, Cricket, Basketball, and Soccer. His passion for these sports adds a unique touch to their practice, ensuring a personalized approach for every athlete. Jason is dedicated to providing exceptional care, helping you recover, enhance performance, and achieve your sporting goals.

Jason Leonidas
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