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Kevin James

Senior Clinician
Advanced Sports Osteopath

Kevin has experience in managing athlete's training programs, skill acquisition, recruitment, competition schedule, medical team, and more. He has presented professional development webinars / course for Osteopathy Australia and Sporting organisations and has been a guest presenter for many professional and clinical programs within the sporting and allied health industry.

Kevin enjoys giving back to the community. He is a Clinical Educator (Lecturer/Tutor) and Clinical Supervisor at RMIT University, Data Analyst at University of South Australia (Pain Revolution) and Painaustralia and on multiple sporting committees.

Kevin was a former sports coach (Head coach and program manager) at a local club of emerging professional athletes. He is qualified as a High-Performance Coach with Gymnastics Australia (one of a few coaches in Victoria that hold the accreditation).

Kevin himself was an elite gymnast, who has represented Victoria and Australia. He experienced an injury that prevent furthering his career as a high-performance athlete. He sustained a wrist fracture that was mismanaged by sporting professionals in the medical and allied health industry. This has driven Kevin to further his knowledge and career in the area of sports therapy, with an absolute passion for sports injuries in the younger populations. Time and time again, Kevin sees younger athlete being mismanaged when time is sometimes a critical factor.

Kevin's passion is to help athletes return back to sport. He loves working with to enhance sporting capacity so they can be faster, stronger and injury-free. He is well known for his commitment to the treatment and management of sporting injuries on-field and off-field. He takes pride in ensuring that athletes receive high-quality care regardless of the sporting level.

Kevin demonstrated an enhanced scope of practice in the sporting field. The industry recognises his ability to work with all athletes and sports injuries. He is an Advanced Sports Osteopath awarded by Osteopathy Australia in 2020. Osteopathy Australia, the peak body for Osteopaths in Australia (equivalent to the Australian Physiotherapy Association), have recognised Kevin's scope, expertise and experience in the sport. He works with elite, semi-elite and recreational athletes in the diagnosis, treatment & management of sporting injuries.

Sporting injuries are one reason why people consult with Kevin. Athletes also consult with Kevin to help optimise their biomechanics and enhance athletic performance. He has worked with organisations on a local, state, national and international level. Some of the organisations Kevin has worked with include Gymnastics Australia, Gymnastics Victoria, Artistic Swimming Australia, YMCA Geelong, Volleyball Victoria, Singapore Gymnastics, Song’s Taekwondo, Tigers Taekwondo, International Gymnastics Federation and Australian Institution of Sport.

Kevin uses a multitude of various treatment methods and does not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Your consultations with Kevin will be unique to your specific injury and sport. An understanding of your sport is vital to ensure safety and fast recovery to return to your sport (and performance at your best). With most conditions, Kevin tries to keep you playing your sport for as long as possible as sometimes taking time away from your sport can be worse and lead to more injuries in the future.

Many sports have similar injuries. It's important to get an assessment and diagnosis of your sporting injury. Once you have a diagnosis from an Osteopathy or Physiotherapist, the initial treatment and management are usually similar. Let's look at an example: Ankle injuries are the most common lower limb injuries in Netball, Football, and Soccer (Field based sports).

In the initial stages, most health professionals excel as the advice is similar; some like to say REST, while others like to say KEEP PLAYING. The biggest difference in care is the middle-to-end stage of your injury. This is where you'll either return to sport slowly or faster, weaker or stronger, and increase the likelihood of injury or decrease - depending on your condition, advice given and followed. If you haven't received a rehabilitation program that is specific to your sports then you are missing out on performing at your best and run the risk of re-injuring yourself.

Kevin may use different treatment and management such as: home exercise programs, assisted strength and conditioning programs, biomechanics analysis & technique assessment, and hands-on / manual therapy (massage, stretching, manipulation, taping etc).

Kevin has a natural ability for sports. One of Kevin's many sporting achievements is participating in Taekwondo and reaching the 1st Dan Taekwondo (Kukkiwon/WT-style). You may see him surfing at the local beaches as that's his go-to thing for exercise and relaxation. Like many locals, the ocean is magnificent and is Kevin's R&R since living on the Island.

Kevin James
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