Maddy Thorpe


Maddy is back! Some of you may remember Maddy who went on leave at the end of 2019. Maddy has returned to Balance Health after having 12 months off to recover from brain cancer. She is in remission, and we have attached a video below to share with you all the journey she has been on over the last year!

Maddy has lived through persistent pain caused by her cancer, chemotherapy, and a long road to recovery (which she is still on). During chemotherapy she began working with several health advocacy non-profits including Pain Revolution and Pain Australia. Maddy has a modern scientific understanding of pain and has produced a number of educational resources as well as infographics for research.

Maddy knows how to find what works, she has done it for herself, and there is no greater teacher then life. She enjoys spending time listening to stories, and seeing people implement meaningful strategy in their lives.

In her spare time Maddy loves to paint, sew, build, create, and write. In her past lives she has been a martial arts instructor, jazz musician and university teacher!

Maddy is open for bookings next Thursday the 22nd. Welcome back Maddy!

Maddy Thorpe